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Jean Monnet Chair: No Fear4EUrope

The Chair “No Fear 4 EUrope” is held by Professor Umberto Morelli and falls within the framework of the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society of the University of Turin. It explores the topic and role of “fear” in Europe and the European Union.

The aim of the courses, seminars and conferences is to retrace from a historical, cultural, social and political point of view, the different, interconnected forms of fear, such as fears generated by the economic crisis or the immigration phenomena, which are often related to other types of fear, such as terrorism or Islamophobia.

The Chair promotes excellence in teaching in European studies focusing on “European fears” (exogenous and endogenous) and other countries’ “fears of Europe”.

The Chair also aims to broaden the educational options available to students and to promote original research and innovative teaching on an interdisciplinary basis. In addition, it fosters the debate on the future of the EU in order to analyze and combat the different fears.

NoF4EU involves many other research and teaching partner institutions, both at the national and international level, including non-EU universities, think tanks and associations.

The Chair includes the following activities: 1) Teaching: Training and Intensive Courses; 2) Dissemination: National and International Conferences, Roundtable debates, Workshops.

No Fear 4 Europe has launched a new scientific e-journal on Europe, De Europa - European and Global Studies Journal.

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