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European Studies Double Degree Master Program (ESIS)

The European Studies Double Degree Master Program (ESIS) is the result of the cooperation between the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and the University of Torino (Italy), two of the most renowned academic institutions in the field of International and European Studies in their respective countries. The Program pursues a comprehensive knowledge of Europe as a political, economic, social and cultural space, and of the European Union as a model of regional integration and as a global actor. It is intended for highly motivated students who want to pursue a career in the European institutions or in those private and public entities (Foreign ministries, local authorities, NGOs, enterprises, interest groups, etc.) interacting with the European Union. It also provides a first-rate learning opportunity to those students from non-EU countries who are interested in studying the European history, society, law, institutions and policies.

Academic Offer

The Program seeks to offer a comprehensive analysis of the institutional and legal framework of the European Union and its relations with the rest of the world, the policies it adopts and implements, the impact of these policies on the Member States and the dynamic relations between the EU institutions and the Member States in a multilevel governance framework. In addition, the Program offers a truly European experience in two historic cities with a strong academic tradition and vocation; a stimulating international and multi-cultural environment, exposing students to different national and academic perspectives towards the EU and European integration; a particular focus on Southern Europe and the Balkans, on how Europe is perceived from its periphery and on the external perceptions of the EU as a global actor.

The Program includes as a core component ‘Region Europe’, the international program of the University of Turin on Europe and its role in the world. Involving professors, experts and students from all over the world, Region Europe contributes to expose students to different perspectives and voices from EU and non-EU countries, EU stake-holders and institutions.

Through a planned visit to the EU institutions and NATO in Brussels and to EU and international agencies in Torino, students can be introduced to the real functioning of EU governance and of other international institutions.

Awarded Titles

Two academic years. In the first year, students attend courses at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, while in the second year they attend courses at the University of Torino. In other words, the class made of up to 40 selected students attends courses in Thessaloniki and Torino together.


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Final Dissertation

In order to be awarded the two degrees, students are required to write a single final dissertation under the supervision of a member of the academic staff of one of the two participating universities. Students discuss their dissertation once only at the University of Turin or the University of Thessaloniki.

Participants and Admission

Each academic year, up to 20 Students are selected and admitted by the AristotleUniversity of Thessaloniki and up to 20 by the University of Torino.

Tuition Fees and Scolarships

Students enrolled in the Program through the University of Torino will pay the standard UniTo student fees. Each year, the University of Turin makes a variable number of scholarships available to students enrolled in a double degree mobility programme.  For more information, please consult the dedicated page.

Call and Selection Criteria

Interested candidates must apply via the Call that which will be published in mid-June and will expire on 4 September 2023.

Up to 20 students from UniTo and an equal number from AUTh are admitted to the program.Students regularly enrolled in the third year of an undergraduate program (in Italy: laurea triennale) may participate in the call for applications, provided that they obtain the authorization to enroll in the Master’s Degree Course in International Studies (Corso di Laurea magistrale in Scienze Internazionali LM-52) by 10 September 2023.

Please check carefully the enrollment guidelines and key dates for the Master’s Degree Course in International Studies (Corso di Laurea magistrale in Scienze Internazionali LM-52, profilo Studi Europei), and contact prof. Giovanni Finizio for more info and to receive the enrollment authorization by 10 September.

The selection interviews will take place on 11 September 2023.

The criteria used for selection refer to academic curriculum, language knowledge, skills and motivation. Students taking part in the program must demonstrate proficiency in English (at least B2 level as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Students must apply for enrollment in the Master’s Degree Course in International Studies (Corso di Laurea magistrale in Scienze Internazionali LM-52) by 5 October 2023.

Steering Committee

Administrative Contacts

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