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Región Latinoamericana

The program is part of a cooperation agreement signed between the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society (DCPS) of the University of Turin and the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Región Latinoamericana gives the opportunity to 18 DCPS students to study at UNTREF for a period of 6 weeks and attend the 90-hour course Integración Latinoamericana y Dilemas de Inserción Internacional de la Region. The course aims to provide students with a deep knowledge of the Latin American dynamics, with a particular focus on the regional integration process and the relations of the region with the EU and the World.
program profile
- 90 hours of  lessons taught in Spanish, organized in 3 modules:

• Political, economic, social and cultural dynamics and features of Latin America
• Political, economic, social and cultural dimensions of regional integration in Latin America
• External dimension of regional integration, interregional relations and insertion of Latin America into global multilateralism

Lessons are given by professors of UNTREF and of the best Argentine and Latin American Universities.
Prof. Giovanni Finizio:
Prof. Mariana Luna Pont: 

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